Words And Phrases I’m Tired Of

(This page is continually updated)

Optics (smoke and mirrors would be a more suitable term nowadays)

Nuanced (in many cases it means someone either doesn’t have the ability or desire to fully reveal their intentions)

YOLO (You Only Live Once to the uninitiated. Okay. This is fine if you’re a millennial in the grip of too much MTV, mounting college debt, still living with your parents. Not if you consider yourself a grown-up with a job. And if you’re a Christian, you may want to have a theology refresher with your priest about the consequences of such an approach to your faith)

Tolerant (this word lost its meaning when it was hijacked by folks who actually aren’t very tolerant themselves)

Irregardless (Sigh… How did we get here? This used to not be a word. However, this has slipped into the dictionary: usage: Irregardlessis widely heard, perhaps arising under the influence of such perfectly correct forms as irrespectivebut should be avoided by careful users of English” [emphasis mine].


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