Maria of Paris: “a great lie to tell searching souls”


Dover Beach

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“It would be a great lie to tell searching souls: ‘Go to church, because there you will find peace.’ The opposite is true. The Church tells those who are at peace and asleep: ‘Go to church, because there you will feel real anguish for your sins, for your perdition, for the world’s sins and perdition. There you will feel an unappeasable hunger for Christ’s truth. There, instead of becoming lukewarm, you will be set on fire; instead of pacified, you will become alarmed; instead of learning the wisdom of this world you will become fools for Christ.”

St. Maria of Paris

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Rod Dreher : “I don’t understand why we are given an either-or.”


Dover Beach


Rod Dreher speaking about recent events involving race, policing, and Black Lives Matter:

“I don’t understand why we are given an either-or. Why can’t we be in favor of reforming the police to reduce brutality and stand by the police, recognizing that the great majority of law enforcement officers are good men and women who try to do the right thing in an extremely difficult job?”

You can read more here.  It’s worth the time.

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