Metropolitan Hilarion: “The Mother of God”

Dover Beach


“The Mother of God stands at the head of the host of saints glorified by the Church. In accordance with ancient tradition, the Church venerates the saints and addresses prayers to them. Accusations that the Church worships mere human beings in the same way as God are unfounded. Greek theology makes a clear distinction between the worship (latreia) of God and the veneration (proskynesis) of saints. The latter are not venerated as gods, but as people who have attained a great spiritual height and who have become united with God. The saints are closely connected with each other and with Christ. In venerating the saints we venerate Christ, who lives in in them:

Christ is the beginning, the middle and the end. He is in all people-the first, the middle and the last. Those who have become saints from one generation to the next through fulfilling the commandments, replace…

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