Sam Gerrans: “Gender is not a spectrum, it is a polarity”

Dover Beach


“And this is the point. Gender is not a spectrum, it is a polarity.
If its ‘ideals’ are opposing, that is part of its purpose. They are designed to complement and perfect each other – while remaining distinctly different.
Any society that loses its grasp on this obvious reality has no future – a point that for me is instructive.
It may be that some small numbers of girls are destined to be great scientists – and bully for them. But the vast majority of women are not going to be found crying into their cups in their dotage because they missed their calling as nuclear physicists. Whereas the number inflicting their painful neuroses upon the rest of us because they were duped into buying into feminism and trashing femininity, and thus find themselves with no husband or children, is so commonplace it has become a modern-day stereotype.
I detect…

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