What Senator Sanders is Missing About Denmark


“There is this idea we are a heavily regulated society with a closed economy. The opposite is true.”
— Bo Lidegaard, Executive Editor in Chief, Politiken

“Denmark has lower corporate income tax than the U.S. We don’t have a government regulated minimum wages in Denmark. If you want to work for less than $15 as Bernie Sanders suggests you can easily do that in Denmark.”
— Lars Christensen, Economist

I would also add that late-term abortion is not an elective procedure in Scandinavia, and that Sweden offers universal school choice.

Also, folks like to look at countries and Scandinavia as models for free education and health care. I find that to be a bit misleading. As the old saying goes, “There’s no such thing as free lunch.” As an expat who’s lived in Sweden for nearly 20 years, I can tell you these services are paid for with lots of tax money. However, a major difference is politicians are, for the most part, actually using the money for their intended purposes. If they’re not, they’re called out on it, and it’s a scandal hitting the front page for a week or more. That can’t be said about the U.S. Congress.


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