Is Their Hypocrisy Your Excuse?


I’m fascinated by people who choose to use the excuse, “I want nothing to do with the Church because of all the hypocrites in there.” I never hear this said about hospitals. Hospitals have hypocrites like every place else, yet we wisely continue to use them.

If I ever have to enter a hospital for a serious illness, may it be that my concern will not be the hypocrites around me, but finding someone who can cure the illness that brought me there. And I would want the best doctor available.

So it is with the Church. I go there because I know I am sick (in the soul). I need healing. I expect to see others just as sick, demonstrating symptoms of their sicknesses (hypocrisy being just one of the many) in their souls. And I go seeking out the Best of the best, the Physician of our souls, Jesus Christ. I know that the cure to my ailments lies in following Him, and being distracted by others hinders the healing process. My cure lies in the two words He spoke clearly, and often, “Follow Me.”

I’ll follow Him. That’s much better than allowing myself to be distracted by the others. After all, I would never allow patients in a regular hospital to discourage me from seeking out help for a physical illness.

Glory to God for it all.


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