There’s Something Going On

So I came across this VERY disturbing article.

This one changes things for me folks. You can say what you wish about this topic, but there’s no denying there appears to be a trend here. As small as it may be, there is a trend.

Citing single-digits statistics won’t take away the horror of what was captured here. What’s worse is that I can’t help but wonder if we would ever have known anything had someone not videotaped the incident. That alone is VERY troubling. And that, of course, opens up a whole different can of worms. How many other incidents have we missed, or have been swept under the rug?

Some of you are probably thinking, “Where have you been, Harlem?” That would be a fair question. I’ll tell you. I’ve been waiting for the proof. I’ve been waiting for it to come in hard-to-dispute ways such as this, (and the Eric Garner video). Well it’s here. Here for all the world to see. And it’s changed things for me.

Something is going on, folks. A problem like this doesn’t have to be rampant and wide-spread. No. Something this vile and poisonous can wreck entire communities in an instant. I really hope everyone from across the political spectrum of American is ready to confront it. I recommend prayer, some reflection, and then dig as deep as you can and find that most loving part of you to deal with it. Otherwise, things can go horribly wrong.

We have plenty to pray about folks.

Lord Have mercy.


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