My Top Five General Apple/Mac Sites

I thought I’d share my top five general Apple/Mac sites (as opposed to specific types of Apple/Mac sites like support, utilities, etc.). I hope you find it helpful in some way. Here they are in reverse order:

5) The Unofficial Apple Weblog (aka TUAW): This used to be one of my favorite Apple sites; however, I just haven’t been able to get used to the new layout. It’s not often that a web site’s layout turns me off that much, but this was definitely the case. I do peek at it every week or so, but not without wincing.

4) Cult of Mac: This international team keeps its finger on the pulse of all things Mac. They beat the mockers of Mac fans to the punch and embraced the cult of Mac name, and gave it a particular coolness. I can’t help but admire them for that. 🙂

3) 9to5Mac: An excellent site that gets better and better. They promote “Apple Intelligence” and tend to back it up. They’re the types to take a look at sales numbers and read those tea leaves like a lot of folks can’tFrom what I’ve seen lately, they’re not afraid to spring something exclusive on the world on a Sunday.

2) Apple Insider: Usually the first Apple/Mac site I check. They’re usually ahead of the pack with the latest info, upfront about what’s rumor and what’s not, and have proven pretty reliable when it comes to analysis.

1) ars technica’s Infinite Loop: IMHO these folks have been doing it like no one else. If you want in-depth, these are your folks. When I want to know not just the nuts and bolts but what the nuts and bolts are made of, these are the folks I go to. I’ve yet to come across any site that reviews Apple/Mac products like ars technica’s Infinite Loop.

Laterz. 😉


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