Kindle for Mac Problem with OS X Lion Solved

I had a bit of a headache with my Kindle for Mac app. After installing Lion, I couldn’t see any of the books in my archive. For those of you not familiar with Kindles or the Kindle app, when one purchases a book it is initially saved into the archive. Once one double-clicks on it while in the archive, it’s then transferred to the “Home” folder. As you can understand, this was a big deal for. Especially for someone who uses their Kindle as much as I do (I have the Kindle for Mac app on all of my Mac apps as well as my iPhone), with as many books in their archive on my MacBook Air and iPhone.

I had read that simply uninstalling and reinstalling the Kindle for Mac app from Amazon’s site would do take care of the problem. That didn’t work. And, for those of you wondering, I even uninstalled using AppCleaner (an excellent little free deletion app, btw), emptied the Trash, and restarted my machine. No go.

Interestingly enough, the solution wound up being to delete the Kindle for Mac app, and reinstall it, but it had to be the one from the Mac App Store (which is free, just in case you’re wondering).

Why is this? I honestly have no idea! Nevertheless, it solved the problem. Everything was good to go after that.


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