The Lion Arrives In Harlem’s World

I’m sure none of you will be surprised to know I’ve already downloaded and installed the latest version of Mac OS X which is 10.7 Lion. My first impressions are good. I love Mission Control and Launchpad. I wasn’t so crazy about the default selection for scrolling that Apple calls it “natural”. I was really glad to be able to change it back to what I’m used to (“unnatural”? lol) in the “Scroll and Zoom” section of the Trackpad configurations in System Preferences.

So far I’ve installed Lion on my MacBook Air (64GB) and MacBook Pro (500GB); both via the App Store. I’m going to play with it a bit more and buy a couple of books from Amazon before installing it on the family iMac that my wife uses for work, or her MacBook Air. That’s simply common sense there. 😉

The MacBook Air install was literally flawless. Once I purchased it in the App Store, and clicked on install I just let it be. There was nothing left for me to do. It continued on until the restart, that wonderful Mac start-up chime, and then the OS X Lion login window.

The MacBook Pro had only one hitch, which was an options window that popped up unexpectedly (for me anyway. I’m still not quite sure why it popped up).

I didn’t panic. I chose “Reinstall Mac OS X” based on the explanation underneath it (“Set up and install a new copy of Lion”). I thought it a bit confusing at first, but decided, logically, it couldn’t be any of the others. I wasn’t restoring from a Time Machine Backup, and I’m not really sure if that would actually work since there are obvious differences in the versions.

I actually went out for a coffee once I started the installs, but I’m guesstimating the entire process would’ve taken me about 1 hour for the MacBook Air and 1 and 1/2 for the MacBook Pro. Only one restart was required for the MacBook Air, but the MacBook Pro got hung up for some reason when I first signed on (I suspect it was my LaunchBar App, and allowed the report to be sent to Apple). I hard-rebooted (held the power switch down for 5 seconds. NOTE: I do not recommend this route for folks who are less than advanced users), to get things going again, and that worked out just fine. Once I restarted, things were good to go. In fact, I’m typing this post on my MacBook Pro now.

There’s lots for me to try out, and I haven’t even told you about the new version of Apple Mail yet (which I a lot so far). I’ll plan on keeping you posted. 🙂



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