Nice Skype Phone Rates

So it was time to call my mom in the U.S. There’s a two-week mark mothers will reach before they start to wonder what’s going on. Then they call you and you have to explain yourself (Yep. Even for a soon-to-be 45 year-old guy like yours truly). Anyway, I also happened to be in the middle of feeding my lovely 2 year-old her dinner. There on the dinner table was my MacBook Pro. I saw I still a bit of Skype credit and thought to myself, “What the heck!” So I called my mom via Skype.

My credit before the call was was 139SEK/$20. So I called my mom while I was feeding my little one and kept an eye on the credit. I noticed we were talking up quite storm, and that the decrease in my credit was rather miniscule. The phone call ended with the typical smile-filled I-love-yous, and to my amazement I noticed that not even 5SEK/$.72 had been used.

Well, curiosity got the best of me so I looked up the call on my Skype account. The call lasted 23 minutes and 10 seconds for a grand total of 4.72SEK/$.68. I spoke to my mom in New York City from Stockholm, Sweden for over 23 minutes and it cost less than $1. That price is pretty hard to beat.

As you’ll see below, the rate for the call was 18.30öre/$.03 per minute. Less than a nickel a minute. Talk about a bargain!

Btw, you’ll also notice there’s a list of 30 countries that price apples to. If you’re fortunate enough to be from or have relatives in any of them I would definitely give this a shot. I most certainly plan on taking full advantage of it from now on. Also, I hope my friends in the U.S. notice that Sweden is on there as well. Calling me just got a lot cheaper. I’m waiting. 🙂


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