Clips Clipboard Application

I’m a user who loves using the clipboard. And when I say love, I mean I use it constantly. To me it’s one of the best and most practical computing features created. So imagine my joy when I came across Clips from Conceited Software!


Clips allows use of multiple clipboards. This is most excellent if you have more than one item you need to paste multiple times. If you’re wondering what the maximum amount of clips is, I have to say I can’t recall ever reaching it. Seeing as Conceited Software’s home page mentions the ability to store dozens or hundreds of Clips, I see why I never reached a max (lol). (By the way, an item can include text, a graphic, and even video and audio files. Nice.)

I’ll mention one last thing, though there are plenty of others you should check out for yourself. For you fellow multi-Mac users out there, Clips allows clipboard sharing. I find this to be a very nice bonus.

Clips costs €19.99 for a single user, €17.99 for students, and, my favorite, €39.99 for a 5-pack. Some would consider those prices a bit expensive, but as a seasoned Clips I can assure you once you start using it and noticing the increase in your production you’ll be more than happy you made the investment.

Enjoy! 😉


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