“A” is for “Apps” :)

By now, every iPhone owner/user knows what an app is and how they rock. Apps give the iPhone quite a punch, and many mobile device producers are following suit to the genius of Apple once again. For the uninitiated, “app” is simply short for “application software”. Application software itself is software that is designed for users to perform a particular task. For example, Microsoft Word is a word processor (way more than that, actually) that helps many people do their day-to-day word processing. Microsoft Excel does the same for the number-crunchers of the world. iTunes is a multimedia app that continues to expand in how it provides us with multimedia entertainment. I could go on…

But enough with the definitions! It’s time for me to list some of my favorite apps for you.

The order of the list I’ll provide will have no particular bearing on whether or not I believe one app is better than another. Some apps I use way more than others, but some of the ones I don’t use frequently are priceless in certain given situations. Since I currently have 91 apps on my iPhone (yeah, yeah. I knoooow), including the standard apps which come with an iPhone when you first purchase it, there’s absolutely no way I’ll be going through all of them. I’ll simply try and stick to my favorite 10.

Here goes:

GPS Thermometer – When I wake up in the morning, there certain things I want to know immediately: 1) how soon can I get the coffee on 2) where’s my Bible and prayer book 3) what’s the temperature going to be today. Granted, the first two are totally up to me (assuming our little Esme is sleeping soundly and I haven’t kicked some noisy toy, or stepped on some toy that will make me become noisy), but knowing the temperature in Sweden in the winter is no joke. The last thing you want is to not dress properly when a cold snap is in effect. That’s where GPS Thermometer comes in handy. It lets me know what the temperature is according to my GPS position. It hasn’t failed me yet, btw. And when you have to sometimes dress a little one, you want to be extra careful there as well. GPS Thermometer costs 7SEK/.99 cents.

Facebook – Put simply, it’s a mobile version of the very same super popular (350 million strong and growing) social networking app you’re used to hearing about in the internet world. This version allows  me to keep up with things when I’m on the move. For example, Esme and I just came back from town and I gave a quick peek at the happenings on my Facebook page while we were on the subway. Facebook for iPhone/iPod Touch is free. 🙂

1Password – If you have personal data of value on your iPhone that you really don’t want anyone else to get a hold of (e.g. passwords, PIN codes, etc.), then this is the app for you. 1Password is an award-winning password and identity manager that securely stores and encrypts your data. There is also a Mac version of 1Password that does the same excellent job of protecting the data on your Macs that syncs wonderfully with the iPhone/iPod Touch version. 1Password costs 38SEK/$5 for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

AppBox Pro – is truly the Swiss Army knife of the iPhone/iPod Touch world. It’s an app with 18 additional apps in it. It contains that following:

Not too shabby, eh? Believe it or not, one of the most valuable things for me is the flashlight. It’s makes my iPhone a pretty bright flashlight that allows me to sneak around the apartment and dodge the stray toys that Esme leaves around from time to time. The Currency and Battery Life apps are pretty handy as well. AppBox Pro costs 7SEK/.99 cents.

Olive Tree BibleReader – is pretty much the best mobile Bible Reader I’ve come across (and I’ve looked). It contains all of the standard Bible reference materials serious studiers of the Bible look for in a Bible Reading app. I do wish they would offer more material from the early history of the Church, but one can’t have everything I guess. For the money, it’s a really good app. Olive Tree BibleReader costs 7SEK/.99 cents with different packages available for download from 38SEK/$5 to 195SEK/$30.

Need For Speed Undercover – All work and no play makes the Harlemite a very dull person. That’s why even Yours Truly likes to kick back and have a bit of gaming fun. At the moment my outlet for this is Need For Speed Undercover. Not only are the graphics excellent, but the sound effects and driving challenges are pretty neat as well. I’ve been having quite the time earning a little bit of cash by winning some races, and buying different cars. The folks at EA Sports have definitely figured out how to take full advantage of the iPhone’s gyroscope. Need For Speed Undercover costs 38SEK/$5 and is worth every bit. 😉

På Stan – is a Swedish app that a friend, colleague, and fellow iPhone addict tipped me about (hat-tip your way Lady Linda ;)). In a nutshell, it’s an app that tells you what’s going on in town and where (på stan means in/on town in Swedish).

One can choose from concerts, clubs, art, theater, sports, things for kids, and misc. categories. When you select a category, you are given a list of events to choose from. When you choose an event, you then get information that includes the time, place, description of the event, the nearest means of public transportation, and even a map with the location of the area, a phone number, the ability to e-mail it to a friend, and the ability to bookmark it for later. Believe it or not this app is totally free. 😀

StanzaStanza is a free eBook reader from the good people of Lexcycle. As eBook readers go, this one is pretty darn good. Through the Stanza store, one can choose from popular selections such as Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink, Stephen Meyers’ Twilight, and works from other renown authors such as Stephen King, Mary Higgens Clark, and the great C.S. Lewis. One also has access to over 50,000 free works through the Stanza store that are definitely worth perusing. Stanza itself is a free app, and certain eBooks are available for download at varying prices.

Voice Memos – This is a standard app that comes with every iPhone and iPod Touch at no cost. This comes in handy for me for a couple of reasons. When I’m in a huge hurry and need to make a quick dash to the store, but don’t have time to write anything down, a voice memo is the answer. I have literally used it to rattle off a list of stuff at the grocery store while I was en route. It’s pretty handy. I have also used it for a bit of fun with my little daughter Esme from time to time. 😉

Notes (no pic yet) – There are some things that are simply just good to have. Notes is one of them. When I do have time to write something down, Notes is usually my vehicle for doing it. Yes, you can find loads of fancy-schmancy apps out there that will do “notes” in a much prettier way, but I don’t need all of that. Besides, since Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Notes synchronizes with Apple Mail. Yep. The very same Notes you see there can be synced to your iPhone. That’s pretty neat.

Well, I think I’ve given you enough to chew on for a bit, but I STILL have other things to write about.

Please feel free to drop me an e-mail on what your favorite app is. I’d really be interested in knowing, and simply enjoy experiencing a new and cool app when I can.

Until the next time… Laterz.


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