A Response Worth Sharing

My friend Elvis recently sent me an NY Times tech article titled “Hey PC, Who Taught You to Fight Back?” that I think is worth reading. We both agreed that it’s an interesting article, but I had a bit more to say about it and thought I’d share it with you all.


“Interesting” is a good way to put it.

I’m definitely with Mr. Munster on this one. I sincerely believe the economy is the driving force behind things for consumers, with computers as well as groceries. It always has been. Marketing is important and influential, but I think less so during tough economic times. However, people tend to dig in and do a bit more research on products they want to buy because their wallets and purses demand they do. I’m willing to bet they’ll look at the Return On Investment even more now.

I try harder than ever to be fair when comparing Windows and Macs, but I still have yet to see Windows making any real in-roads. If anything, I see it as a battle they will constantly lose, so long as the folks in Cupertino keep their eyes on the quality of their OS. Windows has the same huge negative that became quite stark when I made the switch a few years ago: they have to prepare for way too many different types of hardware. Apple KNOWS the hardware it prepares OS X for because it’s theirs. That’s an advantage I think is pretty much near impossible to overcome when the OS is as good as OS X. Such a position allows you to do things like put out an update that gives users/consumers 7 more GB on their machines, while offering major improvements to programmers that will enhance the apps made for your OS.

As we all move along in our IT-influenced world, learning the lingo of GB, OS, ROI, and such, we are also learning how incredibly value upgrades like Snow Leopard are for a mere $29. Mr. Jobs figured something out long ago. It was, in my opinion, a vision so far ahead of everyone else that we couldn’t even conceive how much it would pay off down the road. I think we’re starting to see now.


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