Harlemite Skype’in In the USA

Yep. I made it. I’m back in the US of A! 😀 It’s almost a bit surreal. Of course, that may have more to do with my waking up — FULLY, mind you! — at 0310 U.S. time, which would be about 0910 Swedish time. My body’s saying, “Hey, you actually slept in today, bud!” And my eyes and ears are saying, “Dude, you should really be trying to sleep.” It’s a conflict that my mind will ultimately pay the price for (lol). I see a nap coming.


Here I am in the lovely little sleepy town of Manassas, Virginia at my friend Duke’s place (thanks, Duke!). This is normally my first stop when I hit the D.C. area. (There’s absolute truth to the saying about ex-military friends being friends for life.) After landing yesterday, Duke was kind enough let me get in a bit of quick shopping. First stop, Marshall’s. Yep. I know of no better place to restock underclothes. My secret’s out (lol).

One of the added bonuses of having woken up at 0-dark-thirty, or  0300-ish for me, was that my wife and daughter were wide awake at 0900 their time. This meant we were able to get in some great Skype video conferencing. If there are any of you out there who still don’t know what Skype is, and maybe there are one or two of you left, it is a free software package that allows phone calls and video conferencing over the internet. When you call another Skype user, the call is free. If you both have a video camera on your computer, the video conferencing is free. I think you get where I’m going. Have a look at Skype if you haven’t already.

My wife and I were pondering how our little Esme and kids her age would simply expect technology like Skype as they grow older. For her, CDs are likely to not be anything more than those things she played with as a baby. Her world will likely be more digital than I can even imagine. Music. Pictures. Most things digital. Of course, the challenge for my wife and I will be to ensure that she doesn’t mistake “digital” to mean more valuable. While I’m unquestionably a techno-phile who earns his living in keeping things digital running, I’m well aware of their value ends. I love being able to video conference with my family, but all of the video conferencing in the world will not be able to match the experience of reuniting with my family and giving them big hugs and lots of kisses. Nope. That moment is filled with something that can best be described as divine. 🙂 Tech is good and offers a lot of fun, but there are some things in life which are truly great and offer genuine joy. I know you folks already know this, so I’ll end that there.

Well, it’s time for me to try and study a bit of the course material. More to come later.


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