Macheist Time Again!

For those of you who really love your Macs, Macheist 3 is here! For the mere price of $39 you can purchase $626 worth of software, that will increase to $975 worth as certain goals are reached. The focus this time is unquestionably multimedia. I could go through each app offered, but I highly suggest you go and have a look for yourself. There are demo videos for every app offered that are well worth watching. I can tell you as an experienced user of WireTap Studio, that alone is well worth the $39!!!

And for those of you who have either purchased or ordered new Macs, I think you should really consider saving yourself the time and consider purchasing this bundle before time runs out (12 days from today!!!). I fear I may be doing it…

Okay. That’s that. I just purchased. I now have WireTap Studios for my iMac as well. Call me a Mac addict if you will, but better hooked on Mac than crack!

Go and check it out. 😉


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