Firefox is on the Move

Wow! It’s been some time since the last post. It’s been nothing less than the family getting my time, and I don’t regret that for a sec. I’m sure you all understand. This is likely to change a little. I’m scheduled to head to the U.S. on business (Security+ training, finally!!! I’m pretty psyched) this coming Saturday (all prayers for my save passage are appreciated), which means when I take a break from studying if I’m not praying or doing push-ups I’ll likely blog. That’s two weeks worth of blogging. Seeing as I haven’t been to the U.S. in nearly three years, there should be plenty to blog about technology-wise among other things.

Now to the actual subject of this post.

I’m happy to see that Firefox is making it move in the browser world. I REALLY like Firefox, and think the Mozilla folks are long overdue. In my humble opinion, they pretty much invented the browser. I’ve tried IE7 and 8 and wasn’t really impressed by either so much. They weren’t bad, mind you, they simply didn’t bring anything to the table for me. I was glad to see them start using tabs, but they were old-school by the time they decided to make the move. I actually found Opera more interesting and user-friendly than IE. That’s saying something, both about how far IE has fallen and how sharp Opera remains. In all honest, my being stuck with IE6 at work — because the decision makers on high won’t approve anything beyond IE6 — doesn’t help the Microsoft folks. Super large global enterprises — one of which I’m a part of — move towards progress like elephants (sigh).

Anywho, I offer a hearty congrats to the Mozilla folks. 🙂


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