Spotify Encounters Bumps In the UK Already

Well, it looks like the recording industry is what it is in every country.

I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt in the UK, and believe we had turned the corner regarding such matters, but that may have been a bit presumptuous on my part. As this story from the Guardian shows, they’re just as excited about Spotify as one would’ve suspected they’d be under the old mindset. Who loses? The users. What do the users do? Dislike the recording industry all the more. What then? They look for other alternative routes of getting their music for free. Who else loses? The artists who would’ve been exposed all the more on Spotify. I can tell you Spotify has been the inspiration for my going to iTunes to buy on more than one occasion. Sort of like the radio that offers music I don’t have to pay for as well. Oh! Maybe the difference is I get to choose it myself. Nah. It can’t be that. Because if it was just that I wouldn’t click on the “Similar Artists” choice that then leads me to other artists that I also end up buying.

Same old song for now.

(Hat-tip to Ricardo. 😉 )


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