More Mouth Watering N97 Info

Just got this nice little nugget of a link from fellow Nokia appreciator Anders (hat-tip your way, bud).

Just looking at that video made me pretty sure I won’t be buying an iPhone now, and I haven’t even held the device. I’ve played with an iPhone, and it’s slick and nice to look at. Nevertheless, I know the Nokia mobile OS and like it a lot. If it remains as stable as what’s on the N95 I’ll be as pleased as punch.

I’ll be saving up my pennies — uh, I mean “crowns” —  to purchase an N97 as soon as it’s releasted. There’s just too much there that I find appealing. Especially the real-deal QWERTY keyboard. The built-in true-north compass isn’t too shabby either. Add to that a potential 48GB capacity and I’m good to go.

This would actually mean I could carry just one device instead of a mobile phone and iPod. Niiiice.

Am I willing to shell out the €550? Like I said, I’ll be saving. 🙂


One thought on “More Mouth Watering N97 Info

  1. My friend! I feel the same way that you do about the N97 and I can’t see myself with an Iphone when this is in reach! Hopefully I will be able to buy me one and as you’re saying I will save to be able to buy one for sure.



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