Facebook Status Murder

Yep. It’s come to this. Given the human condition, it was sort of inevitable. As with most new things, tech or not, it’s only a matter of time before someone ruins it by using it in a bad way.

Tragically, it seems a 41 year-old English man has proven himself unstable by stabbing to death his estranged 26 year-old wife. Why? Because she changed her Facebook status from married to single.

It goes without saying that this won’t be the last we hear of Facebook being involved in some sort of tragedy. It’s too big not to be. Nevertheless, it’s rather sad that folks are going to have to apply yet another layer of caution to it all. Females especially will need to be more careful. Some are finding in ways not as harsh, but harsh nonetheless, that what you post on Facebook will likely catch up with you, especially embarrassing photos. I think it’s useful for everyone to try and remember that Facebook is part of the internet which is global. One’s particular cultural proclivities don’t necessarily translate well internationally. That’s sort of commons sense. But then again, Voltaire had a point when he said “common sense is not so common”.

Enough of my rambling for now.


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