Another Fabulous Year Has Passed As One More Approaches

2009 is upon us my friends, and I have to say that I am more than grateful for what was 2008. I have many things to be grateful for, but I won’t bore you by listing them. Besides, I’m one of those people who can see the benefits of seeing the good side of a debilitating disease (thanks to my Orthodox sister Eva), and not everyone enjoys such folks.

While I’m not the resolution making type — I don’t know anyone who’s actually kept one — I will say that I have some goals for this blog:

  • More Things Swedish – I’d like to write about a few more things related to Sweden as I keep the Mac flow going. Macs rock, and I’m not the only one thinking so. There are a growing number of folks around the world who are starting to get it. Granted, Microsoft is making it easier with products like Vista, and the early signs of Windows 7 aren’t so great either. But, back to the point, I live in a pretty awesome little country with a lot going on and I think it’s worth sharing. I know a particular, high-powered lawyer — who appreciates Macs as well, btw — who probably would enjoy reading a bit more about Sweden, and he’s not likely the only one. And goodness knows, the combination of both Sweden and Macs is worth blogging about. Swedes know what to do with their Macs. Not only is my good friend Erik living proof of that, but the Swedish version of Macworld (magazine edition) is definitely proof of that. They’ve come far enough for even the likes of Yours Truly to start purchasing.
  • Lessons In Culture – Being that Stockholm is as multi-cultural as it is — I can literally hear Swedish, English, Finnish, Greek, Spanish, Thai, Russian, different forms of Hindi, and various tribal tongues in a 12-minute subway ride into town — this should be a rather rich opportunity. I’ll fill you in on my gaffes, lessons learned, and other fun stuff. This should be interesting. Luckily, I learned long ago to laugh at myself, so this makes writing about my gaffes a lot easier.
  • Social Networking (virtual and real) – The phenomenon that is social networking can use a bit more attention on this blog. The problem is that it’s so dynamic that it’s hard to keep one’s finger on the pulse. I’ll give it a shot though.
  • Random Thoughts – These will appear as they come to me and I have access to my blog. This may mean eventually buying an iPod Touch — I still won’t buy an iPhone as long as Telia is the only provider in Sweden — to utilize its wireless capability. The tempation for me to buy one gets worse and worse (as my wife will surely tell you). We shall see.

So, here’s to wishing you the best and most blessed 2009. I hope it’s what we all need, and that we will prosper from it. 🙂


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