My wife was having a bear of a time with Stickies recently and asked me what I used for quick not taking. As usual, when she says something to me IT-related it sticks (she married her IT support), especially when she wants something. I came across something tonight that I like and I hope she’ll appreciate as well (though I’ll say up front she’s no easy sell when it comes to things IT). What I’ve found is Qu-s.

Qu-s is a very well made, slick app with powerful note-taking capabilities that allows you to quickly save something right to your desktop. It allows one to insert links, check boxes, has a built-in browser, and more. I’m currently enjoying giving it a spin, and I think it’s definitely worth a peek.

It doesn’t fall into my absolute favorite category of free, but when I come across an app this well written I don’t mind paying (and I did). As with most Mac apps, this one is reasonbly priced at just $17. It definitely seems to be more than worth it to me, but judge for yourself by taking more of a peek. 😉


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