Something Cool

Hello and belated Merry Christmas to you all. I hope Christmas was as much a blessing to you all as it was for me. Let me add that I hope 2009 will be blessing for you all as well. I sincerely hope and pray for peace. It’s a good thing, and any of you feeling the urge to join me shouldn’t hesitate.

I came across a really neat plugin this morning. The plug-in is called Cooliris.

As their overview page says on their web site:

Cooliris provides a lightning fast, cinematic way to discover the web. Our plug-in takes you to an expansive “3D Wall” that lets you browse thousands of images, videos, and more with ease and speed.

It is pretty cool, and it’s not that shabby in the speed area either. For those of you familiar with Apple’s Front Row software, this will seem awfully familiar.

If you’re not a Mac user, it works with FireFox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Give it a test drive and see for yourself. It’s a free plug-in, so it costs you nothing but a little fun time. I think you’ll be impressed. 😉



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