The Nokia N97 Is the Talk of the Town

I haven’t seen a device get this much free publicity since the iPhone! This could be more interesting than I thought. Granted, this YouTube clip was impressive, but I want to see what it can do while online. I also would like to see it handle some video content that’s not Nokia’s own. Yes, I know it’s not due to be released until within the first 6 months of 2009 (could they be any more vague than that!), but if you’re going to start hyping a product by showing what it can do, then you have to be ready for people like myself to ask about what it’s not doing that its predecessors could.

In any case, I get the feeling the talk is only beginning about this. My Apple-loving  — but iPhoneless — self is wondering what the good folks in Cupertino are thinking. They can say they’re not concerned, but who really believe that.

Here’s a poll for you:


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