I’m Excited About the Upcoming Nokia N97

As the title of this post says, I’m pretty excited about the upcoming Nokia N97. But I’m not one of those folks who is anxious to enviously claim it’s the next iPhone killer. No. However, I will say that I believe it will actually give the iPhone a little competition, and definitely in Europe.

Here’s a video (in Swedish only, unfortunately) showing how it looks as well as some of what it can do, and, despite it being presented by a somewhat biased member of the Nokia team, it’s a rather impressive device (at least in this video). Based on what I’ve read about it and seen online, I’d buy one right away and happily put my SIM card in it. How can I say this so knowingly? Because the iPhone is only available through the one provider in all of Sweden I would not want have a subscription with, at a price I am not willing to pay. Oddly familiar isn’t it? Well, Nokia appears to be offering a very impressive device, at a reasonable price (approximately €500), that I can use with any provider, and with a battery I can change myself. Maybe one day Apple will learn.

This could actually be a game changer. We shall see come next year.


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