More Join the Growing Number of Mac Users

I suspected after what has become the Vista debacle that the number of Mac users would increase. After Apple cleverly included Bootcamp in Leopard OS X (at no extra cost), allowing folks to use both Apple and Microsoft operating systems on Apple computers, it was pretty much a done deal. While that was great and a very important leap for a lot of people, it must also be said that the appeal of owning a great looking and great performing piece of machinery like what the folks in Cuppertino produce is also pretty strong. All that said I can’t help but smile as I watch the list of new Mac users grow and become more ecclectic.

New to the Apple ranks for about a month now is none other than Sweden’s own Forein Minister Karl Bildt. Bildt finally made the leap early last month (link is in Swedish. Here’s an English version) and gave in to the force that is Mac. Charismatic, smart, and a Mac user. It makes sense to me.

Speaking of charismatic, The Mac Lawyer says President-elect Obama, thanks to his wife Michelle, is a Mac user. I’m sure I’ll have a hard time agreeing with his politics, but I admire any man smart enough to listen to a woman smart enough to know it takes a Mac to do the job of staying in touch with the family.

The beat does in fact go on.

A hearty hat-tip to Elvis for the info. 😉


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