Welcome to New Members of the World of Mac

I want to take the time to welcome three folks to the world of Mac: KenJo, Elvis, and the good lady Linda Sue. All three purchased their Macs (MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Pro respectively) in the last two weeks. My advice to them is enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! I also recommend they take a little time to browse through the Screencasts Online site to help along the way. As a matter of fact, they should start right here. 😉

Lastly, specifically to them, I’d really appreciate it if you could drop me a few lines saying what convinced you to finally join the growing club of Mac users.

Happy Mac’in! 😉


2 thoughts on “Welcome to New Members of the World of Mac

  1. For a long time I had been one of those people who had been mulling over a move to a Mac. I had the usual reservations that a PC user has like: ‘It’s a different operating system’, ‘will there be programs I can use’, ‘how will I transfer all my PC documents’, ‘the Mac’s are expensive, can they really be that good?’

    After many conversations with the Harlemite and my brother-in-law, who is a very skeptical IT fellow betrothed to his PC and Windows environment, and after researching and playing around with Mac’s in a variety of stores. I began to warm to the idea of moving to a Mac.

    In the last couple of months, my three and a half year-old Dell Laptop starting exhibiting signs of age and the inevitable software conflict problems between Norton and the various web browsers I tried. I even downloaded Safari for windows to try and solve the problem and found that Safari actually worked better than the other browsers I had. Then, the blue screens started… the kernel stack errors when trying to do banking, work with photos or just hitting the wrong website with the wrong embedded application.

    After a dinner at the Harlemite’s house with his family, my good woman and I were treated to a tour of his MacBook Pro. All of us, including my three year-old daughter, were captivated at the speed, elegance and ease of doing lots of things we couldn’t even consider on our computer at home.

    My brother-in-law would get invited over for dinner and spend 4 hours trying to clean up applications, re-align ports, update applications, look for viruses, etc. The computer would work well for a week or two and then… blue screen. My good woman became more and more perplexed and angry (and she is a very calm woman normally) and I began to become livid at the lack of stability and the constant hum of the hard drive as it downloaded patch after patch and update after update, thus slowing down surfing and everything else.

    Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I view myself as a competent amateur with computers. I can dabble in OS systems and do small changes to try and fix things, but Windows XP was just beyond me when I started getting complex failures. I spent more time trying to keep the machine running than working on it as I wanted. I saved up some money and waited. Sure enough the new Mac’s were released and the prices of the other models came down. I took the plunge and bought a MacBook Pro for a very decent price. The Harlemite was with me when I picked it up and beamed with pride.

    Now, the Harlemite and I have very different views about politics, religion, even the value of Swedish winter weather, but when it comes to computers, he knows of what he speaks and writes. No doubt.

    I got the computer home after some beers with friends and thought: ‘Well, I’ll see how far I get this evening.’

    It was beyond my wildest dreams.

    It took five minutes from pressing the on button to surfing the net and loading in my bookmarks. It…was…so…easy! I couldn’t believe how intuitive, logical, and user-friendly the system and programs are. Never mind the speed and performance, which are amazing. And it looks good too.

    My woman was a bit skeptical of my exultant ravings about how good it was until she tried iPhoto and saw how easy it was to fix her photos, organize our archive and prepare this year’s Christmas gifts.

    We are blissfully happy with our Mac. Quite simply: it works and works very, very well. Instead of spending time on upkeep and repairs, we now spend our time using a computer the way it should be used: as an advanced tool for making life easier and entertaining. I think that’s the best grade one can give a computer or computer system, and Apple and Mac get the highest possible grade.

    Thanks Harlemite!

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