Back from a Mac-Filled Break

I’m back after a bit of a needed break. Funny how it happens out of the blue sometimes, but it does. All is well, and, as you’ll see, I wasn’t away from my Mac during my blogging break.

As I’ve mentioned, I did not take a break from my Mac-filled life, that’s for sure. Anything but! I’ve now joined the ranks of the knee-deep-in-Macs crowd with the addition of an iMac 24″ as well as going multi-OS on my MacBook Pro (MBP) via VMware Fusion, where I’m now running OS X (duh), Ubuntu Linux 8.04, and Vista. This required a memory boost on my MBP to 4Gb for the sake of being able run VMware Fusion without problems. So what’s it been like?


I wrote earlier about just how impressed I am with the iMac, and I remain right where I was. After having another look at what I wrote, there’s not too much more to add. It’s an awesome machine. However, I need to add that it’s also a robust machine. I had a blast editing some video of my beautiful little girl playing with her mom on it:

This video doesn’t exist

Not only was it a nice experience, but it was also problem free. I used iMovie ’08 to import and edit the video from the camera. It worked like a charm and took little time (about 5-7 minutes total to import and edit). More importantly, I was able to surf, chat, check and send e-mail, and do pretty much whatever else I wanted without a performance bump while doing it. That was nice!

VMware Fusion

If you have a friend running VMware Fusion saying that it rocks, please listen to them. If memory serves me correctly, my code-creating buddy Erik was using VMware that night he demonstrated what his Mac could do, some year and a half plus ago. What was the show-stopper for me then was the drag-n-drop capability from one OS to the other. Well, I can tell you that my IT friends and colleagues get a kick out of watching me do that as well. I usually hear “Wow!” or “That was cool/impressive.” It is. But the folks at VMware don’t stop there. They make installing and using their product a pleasure. With their New Virtual Machine Assistant it’s literally a matter of filling in the blanks. I also liked being able to allocate separate amounts of memory to the different virtual machines. It goes without saying that some systms require more memory than others. And with Spaces in Mac OS X, going from OS to OS is as simple as hitting a hot corner and tapping on the window containing the OS you need to work in.

VERY Cool! 😉

Ubuntu Linux

My first impression with Ubuntu Linux (version 2.22.3, The Hardy Haron), is quite good. For the little I’ve done with it, it’s as stable as I’ve heard. This Linux trip ought to be an interesting ride seeing as I’m not such a heavy command prompt type. So far, I’ve only had to use it to upgrade the VMware Tools. Nevertheless, I’m not one who’s intimidated by the command prompt either. I do have one complaint about Ubuntu. Finding documentation is proving quit the challenge. I thought there would be more than I’ve come across thus far. If any of you know of any sites with good Ubuntu documentation I’d be grateful.

Windows Vista

Okay. Before anyone even asks, the reason I have it is because I’m going to have to support it as a Systems Administrator. I have to be able to support my customers. That said, it’s not too bad. It’s more stable than XP, which was eventually good enough after a few service packs. I’ve loaded OpenOffice on it so as to avoid having to pay for MS Office. Whether or not my employer will give me a copy (for training/support purposes), I have no idea. The important thing is getting used to and learning about Vista. Something I found REALLY interesting was the fact that I could only think of one thing I wanted that I couldn’t find for Mac. That would be the Nokia Software Updater. I’ve downloaded it and installed it, but I have to say I have to say I’m not super inclined to use it jus yet. I’ve been just fine with my N95 thus far, so I’m almost inclined to not bother. However, the IT tech in me knows better. I’ll give it a shot.

All-in-all I’ve been having quite a bit of fun. I’m pretty sure I’ll have more to blog about quite soon.

Laterz. 😀

UPDATE: Updating the software on my Nokia N95 was a smashing success via the Nokia software updater using my Vista virtual machine. I’ve now joined the ranks of the modern-day N95 users going from version 12 to version 21 (yikes!), and let me tell you the view is quite nice! 😉 Now I get to explore and see what I’ve been missing out on for the past 9 versions (lol). Also, I need to say that backing up and restoring from my SD micro memory card was cake. The phone was restored right back to its original state with all of my contact right in place, as well as my calendar being up-to-date. Being a guy who lives by Google calendar reminders (my secret is revealed!), this is rather crucial. Well done Nokia!


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