The Impressive iMac 24″

Impressive. I mean really impressive. I could go on and exaggerate my point, but those of you unfamiliar with owning an Apple product wouldn’t really get it. If you have never owned one then you won’t understand the amount of detail that goes into the packaging; you won’t understand that the removing of the packaging brings about the Christmas-like feeling of receiving  a gift from that aunt who was the queen of gift wrapping (every family has one); you won’t understand that the folks in Cupertino must’ve thought through the entire experience from time of purchase to the registering of the product online. For those who haven’t experienced it, and I know it sounds like a load of bunk, — I sure thought it did before I owned an Apple product — it’s anything but that. Simply put, the Apple folks are very good at what they do.

We got our iMac yesterday. As you know by now, I was pleased. Despite having opened more than a few boxes from the folks in Cupertino before, the thrill remained. Pulling out that 24″ feat of engineering marvel was all I expected it to be and a little more. But enough about unpackaging.

The machine itself is awesome. In true Apple form, it wasn’t just pretty, the iMac is truly impressive. I’m one of those types who finds it silly to call an inanimate object “sexy”, so I’m not about to do that if that’s what you’re expecting; nevertheless, the lines and shape were like nothing I’ve seen in the computer world before. The design awards Apple receives are truly earned. It’s one thing to see an iMac on display in a store, it’s another thing altogether having it set up in the room you want in your home and listening to it power up for the first time.

“But Harlem, can the thing run?!?”

Oh yes it can. It’s pretty much what the doctor ordered, but with less noise. Our iMac more than handled the small paces I’ve put it through thus far, but there will be more to come, especially from my wife and her voice work. One of the “Ooooo WOW!” moments I had yesterday was checking out some movie trailers in HD. That was nice! I was also pleased to hear my lovely voice professional wife approve of the speaker quality. Now this doesn’t mean she’s quite ready to give up the Bose Companion II speakers yet (they would go rather nicely with my MBP, but I digress), but impressing her isn’t easy. All that said, there will be more to come on exactly what it can do.

If any of you have been considering buying an iMac I’m definitely one who would tell you it’s worth it. I’m sure you’ll be impressed. If you’ve never owned anything Apple before, you’ll be more than impressed. 😉

BTW, even the cloth for cleaning the monitor was wrapped as if it were an invitation to a formal dinner. I kid you not. Laterz.


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