iMac Anticipation

Yep. I’m about to write something that won’t surprise anyone. We, my beautiful wife and I, ordered a nice little iMac 24″-er, 2.86GHz (okay, I know it’s not really “little”). It was inevitable and actually necessary.

Besides working for one of the best PR companies in Stockholm, my wife also does voice work (pardon the pride here, but I’m talking about the most beautiful woman on the planet, thank you very much). It turned out that her voice work was a little more intensive than I suspected it would be for a MacBook. Yeah, a MacBook Pro would’ve been a better option, but she didn’t want to fork out that much money at the time (for my American readers out there, slap on another thousand dollars to what you would pay for one in the U.S. and you start to understand what she means). Her little-MacBook-that-could held out well and survived it all. Nevertheless, she now agrees that some hardware with a little more power is called for to help professionalize the way she does her voice work. She agreed to purchasing an iMac 24″, something I had in my long term plans [and yes, my love, I believe this was actually something I did mention when we sat down in the kitchen and wrote out our short-, medium-, and long-term purchases list], and as my friends on FaceBook can attest to from my “My Apple Life, Stuff iWant” section. It appears that today is the lucky day move the one item left in my “Stuff iWant” section to the “Stuff iHave” section. We received notification of delivery yesterday. You can expect to hear more about our iMac experiences in the future.

Before I start with the that though, I’ll have to write about the wonderful experience I had upgrading the hard drives for my wife’s MacBook, and my MacBook Pro using Time Machine to restore out data. Long story short: it was a piece of cake. Details to come. 😉


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