Say What You Want, Apple’s Not so Great At Launching Its Products

Okay folks, let’s be honest here. By now you know I really like Apple products. I’ll go to the mat arguing OS X is one of the best operating systems around, and far surpasses Vista. Nothing in the mp3 world can match the iPod. All that said, Apple doesn’t seem to know how to launch products very well. At least not since I’ve started riding the Apple wave.

If I didn’t know any better I would think Apple didn’t learn anything from the lauch of iPhone 1.0 last year around this time. If they did I wonder why they’re launch with they’re encountering problems with iPhone 2.0 on their iTunes site.

Add to that the problems with MobileMe’s launch yesterday and today and you know what I’m talking about. I have yet to experience something positive with MobileMe. It’s up, then it’s down. It’s up again, then it’s down again. It’s been a very Twitter like experience.

We Macophiles may snicker at Vista now and again (and rightfully so!), but the Windows folks now have something to tease us about. This is pretty ridiculous.

The crew in Cupertino know how to produce some fantastic stuff. It looks good AND runs great, which is darn hard to pull of for most. Nevertheless, when it comes to launching them we users are bound to suffer from an iFlu for at least a few days before things are as they should be. Let’s hope they come up with some medicine  soon so I can actually write something positive about MobileMe. 😐

UPDATE: It’s late Saturday morning, Central European Time (CET), and things in the MobileMe world are still sporatic at best. It’s now to the point of being quite annoying. They are definitely giving Twitter a run in the annoyance category. Apple has, IMHO, failed miserably to successfully launch MobileMe. Lucky for them the press seems to love all things Apple, so they’ll receive the usual mercy. Nevertheless, they’ve got some serious making up to do in my eyes, and I’m not the typcial love-Mac-no-matter-what, MacBreak Weekly-swallowed-the-Kool-Aid type.


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