Washington Times Piece On Facebook In the Middle East

I know from experience that cultures clash. This became apparent to me during my first assignment to Crete, Greece while in the U.S. Air Force. Few things are as sobering as landing in a place where the people, language, and even the alphabet are different. It was a wonderful learning experience that I continue to benefit from today.

I’ve learned the same principle applies to technology as well. As an American, or more clearly, a Westerner, I get shocked at the behavior and reactions of certain governments after technology sneaks across their borders like the most covert of forces, offering a freedom to their citizenry that some may not have dreamed of before. But I’ve seen enough now to understand my shock is what it is because I come from where I come from. I’ve met people from all parts of the world, and some don’t get shocked one bit at things that leave me gobsmacked. It’s not that they’re horrible people. Not at all. It’s because that’s the way things are done where they come from. Back to the point, the internet has made things really interesting for some governments. Realizing they can’t close the internet pipe because of the huge economic opportunities, they try censorship. Nevertheless, even in the world of censorship one has to keep up with the times. Enter Facebook.

Facebook has become one of a growing number of social networking challenges for some governments. This article has some examples of just what I’m referring to. It’s interesting, informative, and, to me, very much an indicator of how the future will become even more interesting technologically for the world. Enjoy

NOTE: Hat-tip to the Elvmoz man for this one. 😉


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