Putting It Into Perspective

Every now and again in the world of parenting, one believes they’re just so busy. You wonder where the time you used to have for yourself has gone. It’s not that what you were doing before was so super-duper important (i.e. playing Madden ’08 on a Nintendo Wii). It’s just that you sort of miss being able to do it when you want to, as selfish as that sounds. If you’re wise you’ll remember to take a breath and then look into the eyes of the little soul you’ve been blessed with and it all becomes crystal clear. If the little one’s not in such a chipper mood then it’s probably a good idea to see how an expert deals with it. I imagine back in the days of larger families being a means of survival, this knowledge was easily passed down. Ironically, I’ve come across what I believe to be an expert on a level I can only dream of who happens to know what large family life is all about.

Owlhaven is a site I just happened to run across while trolling the WordPress blogs. It’s run by Mary, a mother of 10 (yep, that’s two digits folks), who is married to John. Mary blesses us all with the writings of her day to day life, which are just as wonderfully adventerous as one would think being the mom of 10 children. That this dear lady has time at night to actually blog is medal-worthy to me. But she actually manages to do a whole lot more than that, but I recommend you check it out for yourself.

Laterz. 🙂


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