Accepting the Alpha-Description Challenge

I received a challenge from a fellow blogger, member of the Twitteratté, Jaiku Jungle, an N95 lover, and fellow appreciator of things gadgety and technical, Mr. CityRat59. The challenge is to describe myself using the alphabet. Here we go.

A – Absolute, Afro-American, able
B – Blessed, brown (hihihi), brave, boisterous, bald, Biblical, bookish
C – Christian, chivalrous, conservative, Cuban, cordial, casual, courteous, curious
D – Devout, dedicated, decided, dad, different
E – Eastern, eager, easy-going, experienced
F – Father, faithful, fasting, fortunate
G – God-loving, glad, grateful, grinning, geeky, goofy, genuine, Giants
H – Harlemite (!), Husband, honest, humorous, hungry, hopeful, happy, helpful
I – Interesting, independent, inquisitive
J – Joyful
K – Knowledgeable, knucklehead
L – Loving, leisurely, leader, learning
M – Manhattanite, morse (up to 32 gpm at one time), Mac (surely you know that was coming!)
N – Nice, networking
O – Orthodox, open, observant, older
P – Panagiotis (those who know, know), Puerto Rican, pleased, prayerful, pleasant, patriotic
Q – Quirky, quaint
R – reasonable, ready, resourceful
S – Sinner, sure, stalwart, sensitive, self-effacing
T – Traditional, technician, telephonic, traveled, thoughtful
U – Urban, unique, unusual
V – Vibrant, vigilant,
W – Willing, wanting, wiser
X – Xenophile
Y – Youthful, Yankees
Z – Zealous

There we go.

And of course, in all fairness, I extend the challenge to all of my fellow bloggers out there. You know who you are. 😉



5 thoughts on “Accepting the Alpha-Description Challenge

  1. Fabulous! Love it. My one is soon to be released too… although I don’t think I can be as dead honest or witty as you nor Anders! 😉

  2. Excellent my friend!

    I think this one of the coolest things so far, let’s see how long it can take us!

    So Senor Mite have a good one! 😉

    Your friend Rat 🙂

  3. Thanks much Lucky! It was actually a lot of fun writing it. Thanks for passing on the inspiration. Now, as you can see, it pays. Now I have to go and check out your blog. 😉

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