Quick Peeks of Stockholm

Outside of Slussen train station.

This was definitely a beautiful day.

Harbor area near Slussen

Not a cloud in the sky.

Small part of Stockholm skyline.

This is definitely a beautiful city.

Royal palace.

The Royal Palace with guard on horseback. Yep. Here’s where the Royal Swedish family conducts business, although they live at Drottningholm.

Fountain by the Palace.

Fountain by the Palace.


Yours Truly playing the tourist roll.

That\'s a small car.

My wife thought this was a cute car. Not exactly a family car, but it is cute. 🙂


One thought on “Quick Peeks of Stockholm

  1. Hi Senor Harlemite!
    Just thought I should drop you an line to tell you that I’m check you up….;)
    And it was nice to fianally “see” you, even if it was just from the backside…
    Oh yes I link to your blog from my blog!

    Have it the very best!



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