Mac Users Aren’t the Only Folks Going Microsoft-Free

Some folks, especially at work, like to give me grief about being a Mac user. It’s no problem. I can easily take the razzing. Especially since I know from first-hand experience the difference while they simply choose to defend MS often unreasonably. Some of them seem to be locked into the thought that, “It’s impossible to have a normal computing experience outside of Windows!” When I hear about this I have to give a hearty hat-tip to the MS marketing machine. It takes a lot of works to have folks thinking such a thing in 2008. However, the blinders are starting to come off all around.

This article by Mike Kavis over at ITtoobox Blogs shows that a normal computing experience is very much possible outside of MS. The exception to his being 100% MS-free is Visio which has a proprietary format. His OS of choice was Kubuntu (which Yours Truly has become quite interested in! Maybe on my work laptop or an old PC at home???), but he also tried Ubuntu, Freespire, Mepis, and PCLinuxOS.

It’s a good article that some of you may find quite eye-opening. Enjoy.


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