A Hearty Welcome to the Land of Mac

I just wanted to take a moment to welcome a buddy of mine, Luis, from Portugal to the land of Mac. He’s been considering taking the plunge for some time, but finally couldn’t resist a deal on a MacBook. “Meu amigo”, I think you’re going to enjoy the ride. Don’t forget to drop us a comment here after you’ve played with your new toy for a while. 😉

BTW, my colleague in the office just returned from the D.C. area in the U.S. and admitted the Apple stores seemed to be pretty darn busy.

The beat goes on, my friends. The beat goes on.




One thought on “A Hearty Welcome to the Land of Mac

  1. So, almost one week later, here am I and here are my 2 cents.
    The first days, I’ve been making sure I get all my data out of both my laptop and desktop because my new MacBook is going to be my only computer from now on.
    Installing software has been a breeze. Drag…and drop, you gotta love it.
    So many years of MS OS bring me little habits that are hard to break, right click…etc. But I’m a fast learner so, I should be fine.
    My main concern at this moment is portability, and the Mac is perfect because of this, so much cheaper than the small Vaio’s and similar and with so much more to offer.
    I’ll confess…I never was a Mac lover, but I’m a Vista hater and Mac is the only way to go!

    I’m almost 30, I play some computer games…but I got a PS3 for that.
    I convert all my dvd’s to divx and keep them in my external hard drive.
    Having said this, I need Photoshop, Skype, my pictures, my music and internet to be with me at all times.
    In style and quality, love the hardware. Love the OS. Still need to tune it, security wise, but will get to that, one step at the time.
    So far…I love it, and will be here in the next months to read, learn and enjoy my new toy even more!

    Cheers! Luis

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