Spring Cleaning!

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve gone and bought the domain name theharlemite.com. Plain and simple, it was just time. It gave me a chance to both consolidate “Harlem’s Mac Blog” and “Smiling In Stockholm” into one, and I couldn’t really see a good reason not to. All that said, I’m glad it’s done.

It was recommended that I combine “Smiling In Stockholm” and “Orthodox Harlemite” into one blog since they’re both parts of who I am. Nevertheless, I prefer “Orthodox Harlemite” remaining a strictly Eastern Orthodox focused site. Let there be no doubt, I am, unquestionably, an Eastern Orthodox Christian, and those of you who know me personally or have eaten a meal with me (I usually make the sign of the Cross before every meal) know exactly what I mean; however, I believe blogging about Orthodoxy and anything seriously faith-based requires its own space and focus.

In the meantime, it’s time for me to rejoin the world of blogging. 😉


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