More Apple & What’s Steve Jobs Up to?

According to today’s Wall Street Journal “Apple’s Strong Mac Sales Juice Up Earnings 36%” (subscription required). That’s pretty impressive folks. Even those of you out there who tend to stiff-arm all things Mac have to be wondering what’s going on by now. Further in the article it’s written, “Apple’s revenue grew 43% for its fiscal second quarter ended March 29.” 43% is pretty nice as well. Pretty nice indeed. But that’s not the part of the article that really caught my eye.

It seems that Apple acquired P.A. Semi Inc. which is unusual because Apple doesn’t normally acquire companies. Not without a darn good reason, anyway. (See iPod History and Design by clicking here.) If Apple’s acquiring P.A. Semi Inc. then odds are there are very good reasons why.

But then at the end of the article Steve Jobs, of course, makes it all clear:

Mr. Jobs said the acquisition of P.A. had “everything to do with their talent and, in some cases, their technology” and that Apple intends to use the company’s expertise in its portable electronics products. “To get the silicon we need to be able to run the sophisticated software we want to run on iPhones and iPods, you can’t just go out and buy the chips off the shelf to do that,” he said.

It will be interesting to see what tricks Señor Jobs has up his sleeve for us. 😉


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