Spring!!! :)

My day started off rather normally. I took the bus, to the train, to the final bus. It’s not as long as you think. The total trip from door-to-door is less than an hour. Like most folks in cities, I run into the usual suspects on the train. This morning it was the gentleman who’s belly was so big it looked as if his water would break any minute. But he seemed like a nice enough fellow in any case.

More importantly, the sun was out in full force! You have to understand, I think Stockholm is beautiful in any weather. However, when the sun is out it’s just G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! So gorgeous that I got off the bus ahead of my stop and decided to use my Nokia N95 for a few quick shots.

Here we have the Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern:

\"Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern\"

Next we have the cherry blossoms of Kungsträdgården:


And finally the fountain at Sergelstorg:


And, sadly, all things come to an end, so I had to head home.


I plan on riding my bike tomorrow. 🙂


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