iPhoto Export App

With the arrival of our little Emse (she’s doing great, btw), I’ve been playing with iPhoto quite a bit lately. As you can imagine, my wife and I have taken more than a few pictures of her. Her arrival was the final straw that forced me to move all of the photos on my MacBook Pro to our 500GB Iomega USB external hard drive connected to out to our Airport Extreme. Unfortunately, I encountered an irritating problem with iPhoto.

The problem was I couldn’t simply export all the photos from my photo albums in iPhoto to my Iomega external hard disk. Instead, I was left with having to go into each photo album, open it, and export the photos to my desktop. Then, I would have to move the photos from my desktop to Iomega external hard disk. That was more work than I wanted of course, so I did what I normally do on such occasions; I combed the web for a nice app to get the job done for me with a lot few clicks. What I found was iPhoto Export.

iPhoto Export is another one of those wonderful little apps created out of the kindness of the heart of a coder named Luke Burton who likely experienced my pain, but actually had the talent to do something about it. After installing iPhoto Export, I then had the option to simply click on File/Export and choose the my external hard disk as my destination. Life got a lot easier after that. So if you’ve encountered this problem and would like a neat little app to take that tiny pain away, give iPhoto Export a shot. It costs a whopping “free”. My favorite price. 😀



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