A Rival for the Wii?

By now, most readers of this blog know what the Nintendo Wii is. I think it’s safe to say that this particular gaming console has revolutionized gaming, and has catapulted the gaming industry in directions only imagined before. In an industry such as this, it was only a matter of time before some competition came along.

Enter the Motus Darwin game controller (retail $79-$99 US).

On its Motus Games page, the Motus Corporation is touting its product as the “natural evolution of the Wii…” As cleverly crafted as those words are, they combine for quite an interesting shot across the bow of Nintendo. But maybe that’s what Motus company chairman Satayan Mahajan wants. After all, he’s the same gentleman who in an interview with MIT’s Technology Review claims, “The Wii is a great device. But they’re going from very simple applications, and trying to become more complex and capture more complex motion. We’ve gone from this very complex [process of] capturing very precise motions of the human body to something that’s actually less complex.” He’s diplomatic. I’ll give him that.

All that considered, it will be interesting to see just how well this competitor to the Wii does. While the technology of measuring “absolute position with respect to earth itself” and “using gyroscopes and accelerometers” so “the controller orients itself to the magnetic north, and senses the direction it is pointing” is more than intriguing to IT geeks like myself, I can’t see the average Joe/Jane reading that on a box and getting too excited about it. And even though I commend the increased speed and accuracy, I can’t help but wonder, “Nice technological feat, but why?”

If you’re a golfer who takes the game very seriously then this is the product for you. Of course, if you’re that serious in the first place, then odds are you’ve already heard about this product. For me, despite my being a fan of most things IT, I see it as a niche product that would equate to my buying a shotgun instead of a fly-swatter to kill a mosquito. Nevertheless, my hopes are that the competition will drive the price of Wii consoles down even further for the average consumer. đŸ˜‰



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