Short But Important

It seems suddenly there are lots of important things happening on the digital music front. I’ll start with this interesting little nugget about QTrax.  I don’t know about you folks, but I didn’t see this coming. Believe it or not, this is NOT a gag. It goes without saying that this will require a bit more research, but I must admit my first impression is positive. Ironically, I was just talking with a friend last night about how I was befuddled at the music industry’s lack of vision in regards to using peer-to-peer technology. Unquestionably, peer-to-peer is a brilliant way to distribute content, but we’ve known this for years from the amount of file-sharing that’s gone on worldwide. I’m sure the folks in the know at record companies had to delicately walk the old guard in charge through the ins-and-outs of why this course of action is inevitable. So, it’s not unthinkable it took them five years to come up with a solution that seemed palatable. Of course, their bleeding losses from lack of CD sales like a stuck pig probably provided a bit of incentive as well. In any case, things just got really interesting for us consumers. Legal and free. That’s pretty cool. 🙂

Even Amazon is making a little noise worth listening to. They’ve announced their intentions on going global with their MP3 music store. I for one am quite pleased at this announcement. While I’m a huge fan of Apple products, I’m a consumer first. A consumer who believes competition is best for all consumers. So the sooner they get this going, the better. Given the right prices, I’ll likely start purchasing from them first chance I get.

Now if only Apple would use this same aggressive approach regarding the rental of movies and TV shows… Maybe I’m simply being impatient. After all, I’m pretty sure Señor Jobs understands Apple is losing millions every single day this opportunity is not offered to folks outside of the U.S.

Okay, this ended up being a longer post than I planned. I gotta run.



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