MacBook Air SuperDrive For MacBook Air Only?

The hits just keep on coming boys and girls!

What am I referring to? It seems that the sleek little MacBook Air SuperDrive is for MacBook Air laptops only. Take a peek here if you like.

We can’t say Apple doesn’t let us know… right? Okay. Maybe we can. But I believe they tell us in this fine line: “The sleek, compact SuperDrive for MacBook Air.“. Golden, ain’t it? 🙂

Okay. Someone help me understand. Why wouldn’t Apple want to sell these drives to just anyone for $99 each? I mean, few people, even the most ardent dislikers of Apple products, argue that Apple produces good looking products. Why not simply offer this to everyone like they do the Airport Express and Airport Extreme? Maybe they just want to offer it to just Mac users? Nah. That can’t be the case. I own a MacBook Pro it seems even I won’t be able to use the SuperDrive.

Can someone help me understand this?


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