MacHeist Bundle Time

I’m a bit late on this, but there are still 4 1/2 days left for purchasing this year’s MacHeist Bundle. As crazy as it sounds, this is your chance to get $428 worth of pretty neat Mac apps for just $49.

MacHeist Bundle 2008

The previous MacHeist Bundle sale did pretty darn well, netting in an estimated $800,000. The MacHeist crew expected to sell around 5,000 bundles, but ended up selling nearly 17,000! That’s a miscalculation I’m sure they’re glad they made.

I was recently asked the very reasonable question, “…but are any of the apps useful”. My response? “I sure think so. With the exception of Wingnuts2 (probably a fun time-waster, but a time-waster nonetheless), iStopMotion, CSSEdit, and Speed Download I see personal uses for everything else… Pixelmator alone is worth $59 and gives me a bit more functionality than iPhoto ’08 offers” (IMHO).

Then there’s the added incentive of knowing that part of your money will be donated to a worthy cause. From the MacHeist folks: “Last year, our members were offered a choice of charities to have 25% of their purchase donated to. This initiative became a spectacular success, with $200,000 raised by the end of the event. This year, we’re hoping to shatter last year’s record numbers, and show how generous the Mac community can be.”

Here are the charities you can choose to either split your donation among or choose specifically from.

MacHeist Bundle 2008 Charities

This deal may not be for everyone, but my guess is more than a few of you in the Mac community around the world will step up join in. The clock is ticking, and there are only four days left, so make your move quickly.

BTW, the next time you hear someone criticize Macs as being too expensive, please try and remember moments like this. 🙂

Hat-tip to my good friend Erik for this. 😉


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