Glad Wii Bought Ours Already

You have to pardon the corny play on words in the title, but I really have to admit I’m happy my wife and I did not wait until Christmas to buy our agreed upon family Christmas present, our Nintendo Wii (pronounced “wee”). Apparently they’re now literally selling faster than Nintendo can make them! That’s great news if you’re a Nintendo shareholder, but can’t you just see the horror stories of a couple of parents getting physically violent over that last Nintendo Wii in a toy store somewhere?

In any case, if somehow lately you’ve been so busy you actually don’t know what a Nintendo Wii is, let me just tell you that I think it’s, bar none, the most exciting game console I’ve ever played with up to now. A well made video game can make any game console nice to own. After all, I owned a Nintendo Game Cube up to this point, and if you know anything about game consoles you know that wasn’t the most pimped out game console on the block. I got it in a trade for an extra American specs DVD player that I bought brand new, still originally boxed for about 100 Swedish Crowns ($15.65 at today’s rate). I didn’t need two DVD players, and I had two goals in mind for the Game Cube: Madden NFL (an American football game for my curious European readers), and Call of Duty. I have no regrets, and I still have the Game Cube (don’t ask me why though).

Moving on, the Wii combines wireless technology, and motion detection in three dimensions. In plain speak, when I’m holding a remote and, for instance, playing tennis, I swing the remote as if I’m swinging a real tennis racket to have my player on the screen hit the ball. I can choose to use a forehand or backhand. I can even apply a fair amount of top spin if I choose, or a soft touch. The motion detector is that good.

Tennis is one of the four games that come with the Wii. There’s also bowling, golf, and boxing. All four games are great fun, and, what’s even better, they’re great fun for more than one person. It’s definitely a the-more-the-merrier kind of game.

One of the most memorable experiences I’ve had with the Wii was at a moving-in business party. A Wii was set up with four remotes, which allowed four people to play tennis. It was fantastic fun, with more laughs than anyone could’ve expected. To see business folks, from their mid-20’s to their mid-50’s, some in business attire, playing Wii Tennis and really going for it was beyond description. People got into tennis stances, drinks were accidentally knocked over with I-should’ve-played-at-Wimbledon like forehands, and whole other sides of personalities were revealed. Surprisingly, watching the players without watching what was going on on the screen was even entertaining! It was an experience that any of those folks who took part and were really smart will remember and try to duplicate in some way at their own business parties.

So if you’re planning on getting a Wii for Christmas but haven’t gotten one yet you may want to get busy. And if you think they’re only for kids, then I recommend you take a look at this video clip. You’ll see that there are no age limits to the fun they offers.

PS I’m glad it was decided that Tennis was the choice of game instead of boxing at that business party! šŸ˜€


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