A Hearty Welcome To the New Mac Users I Know (Part 1-Recommended Podcasts)

If you remember way back in the beginning of this blog, it was my friend Erik who introduced me to the world of Mac. It was nearly a year ago, around Christmas last year, that I was mesmerized by how well OS X worked in comparison to my Windows machine. Since then, I’ve been driving nothing but Mac at home and I’m glad to say the ride has been, and continues to be great ride. During my learning period, in true Mac community-form, Erik’s always been there to help me out. Nevertheless, he has both a company and family to take care of, so I thought it best to jump off the branch, flap my newly formed Mac wings, and dive into to my Mac, as time permitted, and learn what I could. I’m happy to report I believe I’ve learned quite a bit during this time, and I’m more comfortable than ever now as a Mac user. I have even helped install some Apple hardware, as well as log in remotely to configure a couple of things on a friends new iMac. Learning OS X has been more fun than I expected.

One of the many ways I have been learning about Mac OS X is through podcasts. I don’t know about most of you, but I’m definitely a podcast junkie. I haven’t listened to the radio for about two years (I was using iTunes on my Windows PC as well), and that’s mostly because of podcasts. Podcasts are a very convenient and practical way for me to keep up with news and tech at a pace I have control of. I listen to them on the subway and bus rides to work and back, when I’m walking around town, during a quick trip to the store, at my desk at work, and pretty much whenever I’m alone with a spare 5-10 minutes. Podcasts can range from about a couple of minutes to over an hour.

The following is a list of 8 podcasts I recommend every new Mac user give a try. They cover a pretty broad spectrum of user levels and experiences, so while they all may not fit you, there should be a couple listed that you’re likely to enjoy.

1) Typical Mac User Podcast (TMUP) – This is by far my favorite of them all; hence the reason it’s first. Victor Cajiao’s got a formula that fits me just right. He’s very knowledgeable, patient, and tends to know just what his audience needs to hear next. It helps a great deal that he’s also always upbeat, positive, and sounds like he’s having fun during every podcast. It’s not unusual for me to listen to Victor’s podcasts more than once because of something I wanted to try but couldn’t because I wasn’t near my Mac.

Another interesting part of the TMUP is that Victor does a LIVE call-in show over the internet via Talkshoe every Sunday. By simply dialing +1 (724) 444-7444, you’re bridged into a conference call via a Java chat client allowing you to participate in the show. You do need a TalkCast ID number, and I believe TMUP’s is 3097.

Click here to subscribe to the Typical Mac User podcast.

2) The Mac Attack – Here’s another great podcast by the very knowledgeable Steve Stanger. Steve can go super geeky and discuss the nuts and bolts of firewalls, or help you out with some great life hacking tips. Whatever he covers, it’s sure to be informative, memorable, and at a pace that most everyone can easily handle.

Click here to subscribe to The Mac Attack podcast.

3) The Mac Cast – Here’s the show that is “For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks”, so let there be no doubt these folks love things Mac. Nevertheless, I’m happy to say they’re not your run-o-the-mill Mac zealots who have an axe to grind. They’re a fun bunch who simply, and very obviously love Macs. One of the pluses about this podcast is they’re quite consistent in putting out shows. As you may soon find out, that’s an important thing when you come across a podcast you like.

Click here to subscribe to The Mac Cast podcast.

4) The Mac Observer (TMO) – Okay. Now we’re going into the land of the hardcore Mac geek. Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun know their stuff. Now, I’m not trying to short-change the folks I’ve mentioned already, or the ones to come for that matter, but when it comes to things Mac these guys are definitely in that cream-of-the-crop, it’s-freaky-how-much-they-know category. If you have a serious tech geek Mac itch that needs to be scratched, these are your guys. On their site they’ve got an archive stretching back to 1997! THAT, my friends, is pretty impressive. But even more impressive is the amount of info in their heads. If only for the sake of seeing for yourself if they’re this impressive, give them a listen.

Click here to subscribe to TMO Mac Geek Gab podcast.

5) Security Now – If you’re surfing the internet nowadays, then you probably have some idea about the importance of security. Internet security is no joke. For those of you who think it is, I strongly suggest you give computer security guru Steven Gibson a listen. Let me warn you though, he can get deeeeep into the subject matter occasionally. Nevertheless, he’s worth lending and ear to if only to see how scary the internet can really be.

Click here to subscribe to subscribe to the Security Now podcast.

6) Buzz Out Loud (BOL) – Believe it or not, even I need the occasional podcast break from all things Mac. One good example would be CNET’s BOL with Molly Wood and Tom Merritt. Molly keeps me grounded on the short-comings of Apple, and Tom keeps me on track as to why I need to be glad I switched to Mac.. Few things crack me up as much as a good Molly Wood-tells-it-like-it-is-about-Apple moment! 🙂

Click here to subscribe to the Buzz Out Loud podcast.

7) Wall Street Journal Tech News Briefing – Here’s the podcast that gets me going in the morning with a quick update of the tech headlines. This twice a day (early and evening editions) podcast normally lasts 5-6 minutes, and is packed with what I need to keep informed with the everyday important tech headlines.

Click here to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal Tech News Briefing podcast.

8) CNET News.com Daily – This podcast falls into pretty much the same category as the Wall Street Journal Tech News Briefing, and is also twice a day. They quickly cover the latest and greatest important headlines going on in the tech world, and sometimes call in experts to help fill out some unclear gray areas. Their podcasts are usually about 5-15 minutes.

Click here to subscribe to the CNET News.com Daily podcast.

Well, that’s pretty much all I have for this time. I hope at least one of the above podcasts adds to your Mac enjoyment. If anything, it should definitely help you stay on top of what’s going on in the world of Mac, as well as the world of tech.

Have fun learning until the next time.


(Next up, Part 2-Recommended “must have” apps for your Mac)


One thought on “A Hearty Welcome To the New Mac Users I Know (Part 1-Recommended Podcasts)

  1. Wow I am honored by your words about my show TMUP. It’s comments like this that give me the energy to do it. Keep spreading the words about all of these great shows. I’m humbled to be in the company of the shows you recommend.


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