Censored By MacBreak Weekly

So there I am adding a comment in the comments section of MacBreak weekly number 49. Once again I’m fed up with their iHype over the iPhone. So I send a comment I believe is relevant and has substance:

Some Smelling Salt
Submitted by harlemite on Fri, 2007-07-20 16:08

Well, at least the amount of iPhone chat is decreasing. Nevertheless, there’s something worth pointing out.

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal titled “Motorola Swings A Loss” contains some very interesting info. Motorola is posting a loss because folks are concerned about declining cellphone sales. What’s declining for them? 35.5 million during the 2nd qtr, which is lower than the 45.4 million they sold in the 1st qtr. However, the shareholders are remembering the 51.9 million of the 2nd qtr last year. So, now they’ve slipped into third place behind Nokia and Samsung.

How many cellphones must Nokia and Samsung be selling per qtr? And, dare I ask, how many iPhones have been sold so far?

Don’t get angry folks. It’s a valid question. One that’s definitely worth asking when some on the show are looking 10 years into the future and seeing the iPhone as being one of the top sellers.

There’s much more to selling mobiles than most folks are aware of. BNet gives a nice glimpse into just how it’s done. Have a look for yourself:


Outside of the iPhone haze, it was a pretty decent show. You’ve done better before, but that was during the pre-iPhone days. I hope Apple releases something new soon to save you folks from sounding like Moonies of the mobile phone world.

Now, forgive me if I’m at a loss for not seeing what my huge offense was, but before you know it, here’s what I was looking at (click on image below to increase size):

I’m at a bit of a loss as to why I was no longer allowed to post comments. Of all the people in the world I thought would CENSOR ME I never thought it would be Leo LaPorte and crew! Any of you folks who’ve read this blog know how crazy I am about Macs! However, it seems that I have hit a nerve of some sort when it comes to criticizing the iPhone. How can this be? The same Leo LaPorte who speaks of liberties, who’s paranoid of the government watching him does THIS?!? I’m at a loss!!!


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