It’s Better to Think Before You Speak


I was in the “Discussions” area on the Apple site (registration required) to check on the situation with the iPhone. Besides the over 31,000 (as of this writing) views and postings in the Your Activation Requires Additional Time to Complete thread, I came across something very disturbing in the iPhone in Europe and Old Technology thread. It was a reply by one “nycruza” (who ended their posting “ajm”) to posting by “syntrak”.

After I read it I had to respond.


Re: iPhone in Europe and Old Technology

Posted: Jul 1, 2007 9:20 AM
[syntrak] I had a touch screen phone before (iMate JAM) and the touch screen became a real annoyance.

[nycruza/ajm] Personally, I never had a problem

You cant beet the good old feeling of keys under the fingertips !

AND that’s why Europe is referred to as the “Old Country”! šŸ™‚


My response follows:“ajm”,Europe may be referred to as the “Old Country” to some, and for other reasons mind you, but when it comes to mobile technology you may want to rethink things.

The number one seller of mobile telephones in the world is Nokia with approximately 35% of the world market share. That’s w-o-r-l-d. That would be from a country of 5.2 million people selling 35% of the worlds mobile phones. This is beyond impressive, and if you know anything about the history of mobile phones, then you’ll give the proper amount of respect due.Motorola’s 2nd with 22%, and has an instant sales base of 300 million folks in their backyard, as well as the rest of the world.

Europe and Asia have been, and still are ahead of the US when it comes to mobile technology. Before you get offended, bear in mind I’m an American (The nick “Harlemite”isn’t because I’m Dutch) living in Sweden, who is a Telephone Technician. I literally deal with mobile phones every single day.Swedes used to be just as cocky as you are when it came to the threat from Nokia. They used to try and laugh off that little country that was once under the Soviet thumb. But fate can be both unpredictable and sobering. Before they knew it, Nokia was so dominating the market that outside help regarding design became a more appealing idea. Thus we see today that Ericsson is now Sony Ericsson. (How they didn’t at least fight for becoming Ericsson Sony is beyond me!)

Technology wise, Motorola has never really been a big player in the mobile phone game in Europe. I’ve never really enjoyed that. As I said, I’m an American. This 12-year military veteran loves the red, white and blue. Nevertheless, reality is a friend you either buddy up to and keep an eye on, or she slaps you awake when you start to doze off. So I eventually faced the fact that Motorola simply could not hang with the big dogs in the world (and I do mean that in the international sense of the word) of mobile phones. “But what about the Razr?” you may be asking. A good question. Had it not been for the Razr, a very “pretty” phone that’s getting a bit better under the hood, I doubt there would be any serious Motorola presence in Europe at all. At least I KNOW this to be the case in Sweden. The Razr’s still just “pretty” in the world of mobile phones. That’s what bugs me about the iPhone.Let there be no doubt, it’s a “pretty” phone. No… It’s more than that. It’s a “beautiful” phone! I’m an avid fan of mobile phones and, being where I am, doing what I do, I’ve seen more than most. The iPhone is gorgeous! Nevertheless, as far as I’m concerned, at the moment it’s simply the hot cheerleader being taken to the prom. The prom is still going on, lucky for her, but proms end. There’s reality to be dealt with, and it already seems to me that the fans of our lovely cheerleader are so enamored with her beauty they aren’t pay attention to reality. Reality knows about the deal with AT&T. The problem of the being in bed with just one provider (I’ll never understand this) may prove to be much worse than we all thought.

So dear “ajm”, you may want to refrain from taking a jab at the “Old Country” just yet. Especially when you’re actually defending a phone with older technology than what’s being offered in the “Old Country” ( That could come back to bite you in the long run.All this and it’s not even Monday yet. My, my, my! šŸ˜‰



What does one say, folks? And yet there was so much more that I could’ve added.

In closing, let me just quickly remind you all that this person is by no means representative of the majority of Americans. To even entertain such a though would give credence to the folks who use phrases such as “the Old Country” in the way “ajm” did. šŸ˜‰


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