Ice Cream+Technology = A Good Combo In Sweden

Every now and again, you come across a combination of technology and something that you least expect. A fine example of this would be what happened recently regarding my wife’s and many other Swedes’ favorite ice cream: Mövenpick.

As with most things Swiss (NOTE: it’s important that some of my geographically-challenged fellow Americans understand that while Mövenpick is made in Switzerland, I live in Sweden. There’s a huge difference between the too) made, Mövenpick is no slouch in the world of ice cream. I say this as an avid Häagen Dazs fan. For the record, Häagen Dazs remains my all-time favorite ice cream, bar none, till this very day! So please don’t think I’m tossing this out casually. The creaminess and rich natural flavors one enjoys eating Mövenpick for the first time causes an immediate thought of, “I’ll be doing this again”. Such was the experience for me. All that said, you can imagine the surprise my wife and thousands of others in Sweden who found out, in a rather under-the-radar way if you ask me, that stores would no longer be carrying the Swiss sweet treat. Nevertheless, if one really wants something badly enough, a solution will be found. After all, persistence does overcome resistance. Right?

My wife can search the Internet with the best of them. Part of this has to do with her work experiences, but when you combine this with a desire to find out what was really going on with her favorite ice cream, you know a solution is soon to be found. Seeing as this issue was a somewhat personal, there was a bit of extra incentive involved. She soon found “Annas blog feat. Mel E.” (NOTE: blog’s in Swedish). This site had obviously become a haven to the Mövenpick lovers of Sweden. They expressed their disappointment and shared the latest rumors on how the heinous loss of Mövenpick in Sweden had come to be. While I’m pretty sure she found solace in the company of fellow Mövenpick-less sufferers, this was not enough for her. To quote the source herself, “I am MacGyver.”

She commenced to combing the net again for her loot. Determined woman that she is, she hit pay dirt. On Annas blog was, “Mövenpick Orginal kommer att finnas i Hemglassbilarna f.r.o.m. 070323” (roughly: “Starting on March 23, 2007, the original Mövenpick can be found/purchased from the Hemglass ice cream trucks”). This was pretty much music to her ears. But there was still a slight problem. We had no idea when the ice cream truck came to our neighborhood. As you can imagine by now, this didn’t slow her down. My net queen was onto something.

Persistent lady that she is, she hit the net again and found exactly what she needed: this site. It lets you know not only when deliveries would be made to areas all throughout the entire country of Sweden, but will actually send an SMS reminder to you when the driver of your route is due! Sweet victory (pun absolutely intended).

I couldn’t help but smile. To me, this was definitely an “only in Sweden” moment, and I don’t mean that in a bad way in the least. This country is incredible in that moments of innovation like this occur in ways that are wonderfully surprising. I mean, think about it. Could you ever really imagine getting an SMS text message letting you know the ice cream truck is on the way. This would’ve been an absolute coup for me growing up as a kid in Harlem! Nevertheless, this is one way to help me stay young at heart. For that, I thank my beautiful, very smart, and persistent wife. Because of her, whenever we want some Mövenpick, we know exactly what to do. 😉


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